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Pricing Plan

  • Best Value

    Weekend Ready Course

    Online Course at your pace using WIX SPACES APP!
    • Easy to use APP makes workouts and training easy!
    • Relieve Vocal Tension
    • Gain confidence and grow at your own pace!
    • Hit high notes with ease!
    • 6 trainings and workouts to transform your voice!
  • 1:1 Coaching +Course

    Perfect for people ready to feel confident with their voice!
    • 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching (over zoom)
    • Easy access to training and workouts via WIX SPACES APP!
    • Find freedom in your voice!
    • Journey with me!
    • 6 training videos and workouts to transform your voice!
  • Vocal Workshop

    2-hour online workshop designed to meet your church's needs
    • Grow together as a worship team!
    • Learn Warm-ups together that transform your voice!
    • Grow in Vocal Blending
    • Grow in Harmony and when to use it!
    • Learn how to song map to add dynamics to songs
    • Learn breathing and vocal techniques
  • Life Coaching

    Perfect for anyone looking to actually accomplish your goals
    Valid for one month
    • 1 month of coaching
    • 4 (30 min calls) for one month via zoom or phone
    • Accountability and support to help you meet these goals!
    • Helping you find out what goals to have!
  • Life Coaching

    Walking alongside you to help you reach your goals!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Months of coaching
    • 45 min sessions (2x/ month) via zoom or phone
    • Text and Email support
    • Long term accountability to sustaining your goals!
  • 1 hour Dream Session

    5 amazing questions to find out what makes you come alive!
    Valid for one week
    • 5 clarifying questions to help you FIND your VOICE
    • Narrow down passions and interests
    • Get motivated to start a project or passion
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