Starting something new.....

I'm just now getting to write, the past 4 weeks have been what I like to call the "Precious Fog" filled with snuggles, sleep, dirty dishes, long nights, lazy days.

I remember when everyone kept saying life was going to change with 3, or that we would be outnumbered as parents, but all I knew was that life was about to change, and I was about to embark on a whole new season of life!

Have you ever embarked on something new, and scary...have you ever just had to dive on in and see how you do? I remember feeling that way the day my mom left after having been with our family for 2 weeks after my third baby was born! I thought to myself... "can I really do this..3 to 1?"

Well I'm sitting here, and I just paused to change a diaper and break up a bit of a brother fight...and now I've got a baby strapped to me! Change can be messy!

Life is full of challenges, and full of NEW, but at some point and time, we have to DIVE in! For some of you that might mean singing in front of someone, even your own kiddos! Or it's trying something signing up to learn and develop your voice and find confidence you never knew you had!

Whatever your NEW is, I'm right there with you, learning and growing day by day. And guess what, each day I'm getting stronger, I'm finding my way, and enjoying each day as it comes!

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