Are You Weekend Ready?

Your church has vocalists who want to sound more comfortable and sing more confidently. (every church does!) Well, I have dedicated myself to help worship vocalists find courage and find their voice!

This Saturday, September 19th, from 10:00-11:30 AM Eastern, Ad Lib is bringing you the "Are You Weekend Ready?" Online vocal workshop with Alicia Carver Vocal Coaching!

I wanted you to get to know my style (fun) and energy (plenty) to give you a chance to sign up your team for this event. I wrote this as a small taste of what you'll experience and be sure to check out the video!


Have you ever gotten so excited or anxious that you forgot to breathe or breathe correctly in a worship gathering? I used to find myself at the end of a phrase with NOTHING left and felt the need to push, just to get sound out! I needed to return to the basics, the foundation.

Without a great foundation, a house won’t stand! How you breathe and stand are the foundation of singing well.

If you’re anything like me, excitement or nervousness causes me to create TENSION in my body (especially my neck and shoulders), causing many issues.

I love this great exercise called the RAGDOLL. I demonstrate it in the video, and it helps us find that relaxed posture. Even our knees can create unwanted tension, and singing well is about the release of tension everywhere!

To produce a great sound and to feel fully alive when you sing, you need breath support! I LOVE the visual concept of seeing my midsection as a BALLOON! Now a balloon doesn’t just fill up in the front, but ALL around.

When we take a relaxed breath in, we want it to FALL into our belly and let our belly FLOP out like a balloon. I want you to repeat this phrase: "HEY HO, JUST BREATHE LOW!" As we take in a breath, we don’t let it fill our chest, causing our shoulders to rise. We want it to fall into our belly, and then our belly supports this breath so that we can have enough air to continue our phrase!

Put the "eavesdropping mom" posture to good use and check out this video excerpt from my Breathing and Posture Training, and if you want to improve and find vocal freedom all around, I’d LOVE to have you at my workshop!

You can register here. It's $29 for a single ticket and only $49 for your whole church!

Alicia Carver Vocal Coaching


Ps. You can get to know me further at Alicia Carver Vocal Coaching.

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