Awaken the Silence

A few months ago I found myself curious and hungry to go back to the beginning of the Bible and start afresh from front to back. I had only done this once before and I remember the many treasures I found along the way and wanted to discover those same stories and truths again!

As I journeyed through Exodus, I was reminded of Moses' story. Moses was called out of a life of comfort and safety to help bring his people (the Israelites) out of captivity. Moses had EVERY excuse in the book not to go, but God's promise again and again was, "I will be with you." Ex. 3:12

Moses response was, "O Lord, please send someone else to do it" Ex 4:13.

After the first attempt at asking Pharaoh for permission to let his people go, the Israelites were forced to double their labor and find the straw to make the bricks they were making. Moses first thought and conversation with God went like this, "O Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people? Is this why you sent me...and you have not rescued your people at all." (Ex 5:22-23)

I'm sure Moses was doubting God's plan at this point, or why he was even "called" to fulfill this new purpose...He went to go tell the people that God still had a plan, but the people of Israel could not even listen to him because of their "discouragement and cruel bondage" (Ex.6:9).

Fast forward to 2020. None of us saw this season coming. Many of us were called to serve even when we questioned what in the world God was up to. Why did his plan not look the way we had anticipated?

Perhaps we've felt like Moses felt when God called him to a life OUTSIDE his comfort zone.."O Lord, please send someone else to do it". Or perhaps, like the Israelites our hearts are so distraught that we can't even listen to the truth found in his word because we are just too discouraged right now.

I have been there my friend...this song "Awaken the Silence" was actually written and recorded back in 2012 (8 years ago). I saw friends and loved ones suffering and I wanted to know why God seemed so silent. Why did God's plans look so different then what I had anticipated?

It was the first time my worship felt almost like yelling truths so that I could believe them, and so desperate to hear God's voice because I was so discouraged. If you find yourself there today, may you take comfort..may you hold on to the God who DOES not change in this ever-changing world.

I'm glad we're in this together my friends. God is with us, just like he was with Moses and his people. He saw their pain, He had a plan..and in his own time and way, God moved. He will do the same today! Be encouraged my friend!

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