Leaving a Legacy

Yesterday our family celebrated the life of my sweet Grandparents. They both passed away during this COVID season and refused to be anywhere but by each other's side through it all. They were both in their 90's, had traveled to every state in the United States and beyond! They created amazing memories for us as children; camping and taking road trips in their conversion van named the "Dixie Dandy".

During a virtual funeral, we reminisced and shared stories that all brought us laughter followed by tears. Saying goodbye is NOT easy. But one thing that I will never lose are the memories that were created along the way..the way the lives of these two people forever will impact my life.

One of the themes that came out yesterday as I listened to the many stories was the simple way that being "present" with someone can make a lasting impact. As a momma of 3 boys herself, Grammy would love on her boys by giving them hugs, making them wonderful food and just sitting with them after they got home from school while she gave them snacks. She embraced the simple moments and chose to be present. Grampy would often sit in his armed chair and the boys would climb up and he'd read to them or help them build something. I even have memories of making pies with my Grammy and shooting guns with Grampy. It's NOT the big things we remember, but those simple acts of LOVE.

I remember a worship leader friend that once said, "True Worshippers LOVE their families". I can't emphasize this enough. Though my grandparents' life was NOT in the spot light, their love for each other and those around them was powerful.

Their marriage lasted till death, though they were not exempt from hardship. They endured sickness, depression, many moves, and many other trials, but they did NOT give up on each other and they stayed close to God. My gramma's journal revealed that she longed for God the way we long for bread and she was so grateful God gave us such a daily reminder of how we are to hunger for him the way we hunger for food..for HE is the only one who can satisfy.

Another lesson my Gramma taught me is that when your spiritual life feels dry and you feel like God's word is just not speaking to you..stay the course, stay in the word and eventually it will taste like peaches and cream.

I want my life to look like the adventure my Grandparents led.

I want to enjoy this life I've been given (and laugh the way my grandparents did).

I want to LOVE the people that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

I want to be a true worshipper as much OFF the stage as ON it.

What legacy are you writing? Who are the people that God has placed in front of you, and even in your own 4 walls.

Lives can be forever changed...let your light shine today to this world that is in desperate need of a life-changing love!

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