Loving the Pumpkin spice, but missing the "REST" of summer??

If you're anything like me, I do love the fall and all the things...sweater weather, pumpkin lattes, crunchy leaves, you name it...but OH, how I long for the lazy days of summer! I miss the REST!

Along with the beauty of fall comes the busyness of all the activities that Fall brings.

When I came home from the hospital after having my 4th baby I was so excited to take a break from some normal social media platforms and just enjoy being. My soul needed rest!! I picked up the book, "The Life you Long for" By Christy Nockels. As a wife, a momma and worship leader, this book resounded with me on so many levels!

This is now my second time through it!!

I encourage you to pick it up and enjoy it! I also could not recommend her podcast more...

Glorious in the Mundane Podcast!!

Perhaps God is calling you to a life lived through him and not just for him. Perhaps you need time to enjoy the Father and also those who are nearest and closest to you!!

Christy Nockels just started a book club as well where you can watch videos as they come out and read along as well!! I'm doing it and would love for others to jump on with me!!

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