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"Alicia Carver is a world-class vocalist that makes what she does look easy. The reason for this is because she is a work horse behind the scenes, constantly working on her craft. I've had no hesitation sending vocalists to her to get professional training as I know that the learning will be rich and filled with wisdom. "

-Jonathan McCarthy

Worship Leader at LCBC Manheim

"Alicia Carver is an accomplished and versatile artist, teacher, and mentor. She worked hard to develop her amazing voice. This, in part, is what makes her a great teacher- Alicia knows what it takes to build solid vocal technique and inspires her students to do the same." -Rob Bigley

Director of Choral Activities at Lancaster Bible College

"I know Alicia as someone who inspires people in all kinds of contexts. Whether coaching a single person or performing for thousands. Alicia draws from a deep well of hard work and personal integrity. Highest Recommendation!"

-Ryan Shenk

Director of Worship Arts at Lancaster Bible College

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